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Republic Day – Hindi Poems for Kids


Here are Republic Day Poems in Hindi for you. Let your kids learn these poems and they’ll perform in the Republic Day or Independence Day celebration ceremony of their school. These poems are patriotic poems written by great Indian writers on the time of Indian Independence Moment.

Republic Day brings a enthusiasm and energy to every India. Such events make us feel proud about being an Indian and tell us that we are united. This day is celebrated all over India and everyone takes part in celebration. In Delhi a grand Republic Day parade takes place on 26th January every year, in this parade President of India sits as the chief guest.

Kid With National Flag of India

Patriotic Poems for Republic Day

Following are some of the patriotic poems. These poems can be sung at Republic Day or Independence Day celebration of India. Click on any song to get its full lyrics.

  1. Ghor Andhkar Ho – घोर अंधकार हो
  2. Ae Mere Pyare Watan – ऐ मेरे प्यारे वतन
  3. Aag Bahut Si Baki Hai – आग बहुत-सी बाकी है
  4. Aaj Tiranga Fehrata Hai – आज तिरंगा फहराता है
  5. Aazadi Ka Geet – आज़ादी का गीत
  6. Utho Dhara ke Amar Saputo – उठो धरा के अमर सपूतों
  7. Vo Bharat Desh Hai Mera – वो भारत देश है मेरा
  8. Jhanda Uncha Rahe Hamara – झंडा ऊँचा रहे हमारा
  9. Sare Jahan Se Accha – सारे जहाँ से अच्छा

Poems on Independence Day

Even on Independence day you can use these patriotic poems. Till now we have give 14 patriotic poems on this page, we will keep updating this section and provide you with some of the finest creations of our respected India poets. You can check Independence day speeches, as your kid might as well need to give a speech on Independence day celebration ceremony.

We have noticed a high interest of our readers on this article. So we decided to extend it and add some more poems here. Your kid can recite these Poems on Republic Day or Independence Day celebration ceremony in his/her school. Another use of these poem is that, if you have to give a speech on Republic day anywhere, you can include any of these poems after your speech, you can ask everyone present there to join you with the poem. So below are some new patriotic poems for you.

Patriotic Poem on Republic Day

New Poem for Kids on Republic Day

Based on the feedback given by you people, we have tried to give some more poems, which are more meaningful for Republic Day. Below is another patriotic poem which your kid can recite on this Republic Day celebration.Poem on Republic Day

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  1. nice.. Cute kid.. :) Thanks for giving these patriotic poems to us.

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  2. My daughter has to perform in her school’s function on this independence day. I am thinking of making her recite a patriotic poem. But I am not able to decide which one should I choose. Can I have any suggestions??

    • Hi Anuradha,

      All the poems mentioned above are motivating patriotic Hindi poems. If you are asking for suggestions, you can select any among Vo bharat desh hai mera, Hum honge kamiyab or Saare Jahan se achcha. These are my personal views, you can see other people’s suggestions as well. :)

      SMSQuotes Admin

  3. Thanks for sharing this republic day patriotic poems for kids.


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