Dhanteras 2013

Happy Dhanteras 2014 Hindi SMS


Diwali is not a single day celebration, the main Diwali is preceded by the celebration of another event which is called Dhanteras. It is said that buying utensils on this day is very lucky. Another name of this day is Dhan-triyodashi, this is basically two days before the main Diwali celebration.

Dhanteras 2013

Send following Dhanteras hindi SMS to your friends and wish them a happy and prosperous Diwali season. Some of these Dhanteras SMS are written in Hindi fond and the other are in English format. Your friends are surely gonna like these Happy Dhanteras SMS.

Dhanteras SMS in Hindi

  • Sone ka rath, Chandi ki paalki.
    Baithkar jisme hain, Lakshmi maa aai.
    Dene aapke pure pariwar ko,
    Dhanteras ki Badhaai. Happy Dhanteras.
  • लक्ष्मी देवी का नूर आप पर बरसे;
    हर कोई आपसे मिलने को तरसे;
    भगवान आपको दे इतने पैसे;
    कि आप चिल्लर पाने को तरसें!
    शुभ धनतेरस!
  • Deep Jale to Roshan aapka Jahan ho,
    Poora Aapka har ek Arman ho.
    Maa Lakshmi ji ki Kripa bani rahe aap par,
    Is dhanteras par aap bahut dhanwan ho.
    Happy Dhanteras 2014.
  • आज से ही आपके यहाँ धन की बरसात हो;
    माँ लक्ष्मी का वास हो, संकटों का नाश हो;
    हर दिल पर आपका राज हो;
    उन्नति का सर पर ताज हो;
    और घर में शांति का वास हो!
  • Dhanteras ka shubh din aya
    sabke liye nayi khushiya laya.
    Lakshmi-Ganesh viraje apke ghar me
    sada rahe sukho ki chhaya.

So these were some Dhanteras 2014 SMS for you. We hope that you would have liked them. For other type of short messages or quotes you may visit our homepage or You can get more Diwali sms here.

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